Sunday, July 6, 2008

Orion's 1 !!!

My beautiful little, COMPLETE surprise has been with us for one whole year today! Well, actually I personally had her hanging around me for an additional 10 long and painful months before that, but I think you know what I mean. I could write so many things and recap so much that has happened with her, but instead I will share with you a wish and a prayer from me to

My sweet, little Orion Jai,

I wish you health and energy.
I wish you intelligence and grace.
I wish you passion.
I wish you sunny days and stormy nights.
I wish you early discipline and inner tenacity.
I wish you tender strength. I wish you true friends and easy solitude.
I wish you adventures and stability.
I wish you empathy and compassion.
I wish you creativity and logic.
I wish you successes you deserve and failures from which you can learn.
I wish you depth of character.
I wish you a zest for life and an appreciation for death.
I wish you wisdom.
I wish you faith.
I wish you everlasting love.
I wish you lots a
nd lots of laughter.

My dear, heavenly Father,

Thank You for this precious blessing for whom You've chosen me to raise and mother. I feel neither worthy nor adequately prepared for this awesome task. But I know that through You all things are possible and I will look to You and Your Word always for wisdom and guidance. Bless her. Keep her close to You always. Let her yearn for You and become a woman after Your own heart. Fill her with love and compassion and wisdom. Protect her body, mind and spirit from any and all things that are out to harm her. Let her learn from her mistakes and take other people's word on danger. Keep her close to her sister. Let them love each other without ceasing and be a spiritual encouragement to one another until they go to be with You. Show me how to love her and her how to love. Watch and protect her when I am unable.
Let her find You and know You and see You through me.

In Your Son's precious name,

My darling Orion,

I look at you and I couldn't love you any more. In Hebrew "Ori" means "my light". With your easy smile, you light up my life. I love you and I will always be your biggest fan. I am thrilled to have the privilege and honor of leading you on your journey.

Your Mom