Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Campaigning Blues

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To Vote or Not to Vote-That is the question...

In honor of election season, I would like to submit to you all that it is not a right to vote. It is a privilege. And for women, a hard As I watch the news and the election updates, I am once again seeing a frantic race to "get out the vote, or "rock the vote," or whatever trendy little platitude that the campaigners/candidates/zealots/patriots have come up with at the time. In these times it is terribly easy to register. In some states you can register and vote on the same day...and they wonder why voter fraud runs rampant...but I digress... In light of this, I would like to commit to your consideration my top ten reasons that a person should not cast his/her vote in this election.

10- If you can't name the current president, vice president and speaker of the House (must be all three)

9- If you think that it is Obama bin Laden who is running for president

8- If you don't know at least a few main differences between socialism and capitalism

7- If you have ever watched any reality show involving Paris Hilton (One Night in Paris of course, doesn't count...that could possibly be nothing but morbid curiousity)

6- Your actual source of news and current events is any one or combination of the following:
Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Saturday Night Live, anything on the E! channel or any
show on MSNBC

5- You can't name all 50 states and know that Puerto Rico is a territory (come on people!)

4- You can't name the candidates on both tickets as well as their running mates as well as be able to know what office each currently holds

3- You can't name which war McCain was held a as POW

2- You can't name 3 U.S. allies

1- You didn't know there even was an election until you saw an ad on MySpace 2 days ago

Ladies and gentlemen, if you can't vote smartly, don't vote at all. The Tuesday night line up may not be great, but there are plenty of other things that you can certainly find to do.

Here's to the Elephants and the Donkeys!!
(if you don't know what that is in reference to, don't vote)

Thank you for you time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eggs for sale (uterus and placenta not included)

Well, my dear friend (and by dear friend, I mean soul sister) informed me the other day that she was in the process of selling her eggs (and by eggs, I mean ovums, not farm fresh).

Since this information was passed on to me, I have actually been toiling over what that means in the big picture and what the ramifications would be more than I ever thought I would. Now if you knew this friend, you would know that she is just the type of person to give of herself, although not usually in such a literal manner. You know...the kind of girl who is there for you day or night, laughs with you, cries with you, votes in every election, always returns her grocery carts to those corrals, tips at least 15% even if the service was terrible. To give you one specific example, this is the same friend who just several weeks ago, spent at least 8 minutes trying to rescue drowning bees from my pool. Unfortunately, I was quicker at doing the drowning...

Therefore when she began telling me that she had found a way to help a family and also supplement her continuing education, I knew I would be proud and worried simultaneously.
Before I give any more details or opinions, I would be very interested to hear what those who read this blog feel and think about this. To narrow down your thoughts, here are my main questions that I have been pouring over.

1- how much are ones' eggs worth?
2- should it be anonymous?
3- if the procedure works, is that the donor's baby out there?
4- is it ok if the fertilized eggs that aren't used are frozen for use later?
5- wwjd- not to be corny, but how does this tie in with your faith?
6- would you do this?
7- if you have children, would your thoughts be different before you had them?
8- is it the same as sperm donation?

Thank you for your thoughts and opinions as I am really trying to work this out. After I receive some comments, I will finish the blog on my thoughts and what was agreed upon in the actual arrangement (assuming I have permission from said friend).

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Greetings and bellybuttons

Well hello all...I've sure missed our chats. So, much has happened since we were last together, I'm scrambling to decide where to begin to catch up. I could take it from where we last left off and review the 14 hour flight with the two toddlers, the dog, the bags, the car seat, the stroller, the diaper bag and the purse...or I could move on to the weeks of living out of a suitcase, visiting family and friends we haven't seen...but instead, I believe I'll take it from my most recent excursion to the wonderful little town of Bountiful, Utah.

Just a few days after commenting to a friend on how much fun I am on a roadtrip, I found myself on said trip, from Montana to Arizona with my letters...J, M and O (thankfully Hammy opted out of this particular journey). There we were tooling right along, listening to Elmo describe in detail using the eloquent poetic prose that only a red monster could, to describe what he was thinking about that day, when we stopped for a quick fill-up and bladder drain when all of the sudden I had the WORST STOMACH PAIN.

Long story short, myself and the aforementioned letters, J, M, and O ended up touring the emergency room at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, Utah for several hours, an ultrasound, CT scan and various bloodtests to find out that I had an umbilical herniation (there was something caught in my belly button). Yep...emergency surgery on my belly button 2 days into a road trip. Who gets this stuff. Notice that I did not end the last statement with a question mark, but rather a period. It was said with a sigh at the end and not really as a question. I will say that after the letters scampered off to a hotel for the night, the nurse hooked me up to a morphene drip, I was rolled up to my own quiet room, void of distraction, children, demands, sticky fingers and responsibility, it might as well been the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu. Frankly, I could have used a couple more nights in that place. And don't even get me started on the anesthesia... after that good sleep, I found myself thinking of other potential reasons I could give the surgeon for putting me under again.... do you think I need a vacation?

About 2 hours after I came to, the letters and I hopped back in the truck (and by "truck" I mean a huge, Ford F-250, 4-door Diesel-this detail really had no impact on the story, but I thought it was worth mentioning to those who really visualize as they read) and we were on the road once again. So, I think that it goes without saying, if you are ever planning a roadtrip...please keep me in mind.

So, with my bad back and now my bad front, I am trying to keep afloat with my two little ladies while J finishes his time on the sunny little penninsula of South Korea. Good Times.

The good news is that I now have my computer back, a home phone and a cell phone so please know that I will be ready to catch up to you...and you know who you are.

I've missed you. And it's good to back. In the USA, in my own home and with a repaired belly button. More soon.

P.S. For KS- I'll tell you more about the flight back, but just please tell me that when you cross the pond you are not going to be alone with the two boys. If so, MAKE A NEW PLAN.